Free-Floating Chasseneh

Pictures from our wedding, January 17, 2004 at the Puck Building in Manhattan.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Allow us to anticipate your questions before you ask...

Where am I?

You have come to Free-Floating Chasseneh, the photoblog we (Mike and Anna) set up to display our wedding pictures.

Where are the Pictures? I Don't See Any Pictures.

The pictures are divided up into seven pages, because we were afraid if we put them all on one page, your computers would die and it would be our fault. Click on the links below to see pictures.

Rehearsal Dinner (photos by Frank, father of the groom)
Pre-Wedding Preparations
The Ceremony
Posed Pictures and Pre-Dinner Cocktails
Dinner and Dancing
Cake and Toasts
More Dancing

The same links can also be found in the sidebar to your left, so you don't have to come back to this page in order to move on to the next one.

Who took these pictures?

Except for the rehearsal dinner photos, all pictures were taken by Ralph Alswang

What took you so freaking long?

We only just got a fast internet connection, which allows us to upload this many pictures in a matter of hours, not years.

Why am I not in any pictures?

Because we were young, and we didn't know how wedding photography worked. If we had, we would have insisted that every table have its own picture.

Why do your captions refer to people by geography?

We discovered that a shocking proportion of our friends and family share first names with someone other member of that group. At first we were going to have an index of captions, so we differentiated between, for instance Aunt Maureen and just plain old Maureen. Since we didn't want to post anyone's last names on the internet without asking first, we used geography to distinguish between, for instance, David, Boston David, Boston Dave, Cleveland David and Long Island Dave. Then we decided the index idea was stupid, but we didn't want to go back and change all the captions.

How can I give you a piece of my mind?

By posting comments. Underneath each picture will appear a notice of how many comments have been left on that particular picture. Click on that notice, and follow the directions to post your own opinions, if any.

Why is this Site Called "Free-Floating Chasseneh"?

We have another blog called "Free-Floating Hostility." To visit it click here, unless you're uncomfortable with profanity. Chasseneh (pronounced roughly like HAH-sa-na) is the Yiddish word for "wedding." So it's a pun, see?

Is that it?

No. We didn't put up absolutely every picture. We didn't include pictures that looked nearly the same, and we didn't include pictures that made us feel unpretty. If you want to know if you or someone you love appears in the photos we have held back, email Anna.